Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Short story from Africa.

In 2010, in Conacry, a day before our wedding, friends of Binta's mom organised a massive celebration in the front of her house. It was a part of tradition and day two of marriage festivities. They invited drummers, dancers, griots and a half of the neighbourhood was there to take part in the spectacle.

With musicians, there was a white girl. She was taking pictures. I've noticed, but didn't approach her. It was only until auntie Ousman spoke with her I find out she was Polish. I couldn't believe it! Out of so many possible nationalities - she was from my homeland!

We invited her for the wedding. It turned out, she was living in Conacry for more than a year. She was staying in a big house together with the band. Few days after wedding we went there with Binta, and I paid the musicians to take some pictures.

This fast scan is of a drummer during the performance.

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