Sunday, 4 March 2018

Comics Now - an exhibition of Polish comic books in the National Museum in Kraków, Poland

Yesterday I managed to see an amazing exhibition of Polish comic books held at the National Museum in Kraków. It is a historical exhibition, because it is the first time comic books are the main subject of an exhibition held at this leading Polish cultural establishment. The exhibition and its catalogue are bilingual (Polish and English). I would strongly suggest to go and see it if you are in Kraków or nearby. ;) It is an absolute stunner! 

Below you can see a photographic documentation of the show I did during my visit. Of course I wasn't able to show everything, but you can have a glimpse of what the show look like.

Before the images, you can also read the exhibition synopsis, copied and pasted here from the Museum official website. If you can't wait, just scroll down to the images ;)

Who is Bezrobotny Froncek [Jobless Froncek]? Was he once more popular than Mickey Mouse? Where was Koziołek Matołek [Silly Billy] going? Whose dog is Filuś, and what is Miluś the dragon afraid of? Can a turtle be a symbol of a superhero? You will find answers to these and other questions at the exhibition.

Comics Now!, open from 2 March until 22 July 2018.

This is the first time the National Museum in Krakow has organised an exhibition showing original works, publications and objects from 1871–2017 connected with comics in Poland. All the objects are part of the private collection amassed by Wojciech Jama – one of the exhibition curators. On display are over 600 items including: sketches, pages, blueprints, albums with drawings and autographs, as well as books, catalogues, magazines, occasional prints, unique figurines, toys, coins, stamps and everyday articles.

This undertaking offers a unique opportunity to recollect the childhood heroes of several generations. Visitors can enter Papcio Chmiel’s studio and have a photo taken with their favourite characters as well as ponder over the phenomenon of never being too old to read comic books. The display also aims to show the exhibition potential of comics as a discipline of contemporary arts which perfectly reflects all the transformations that occurred in Polish culture in the 20th century.

Curators: Wojciech Jama, Tomasz Trzaskalik, Artur Wabik

Wojciech Jama is the owner of the collection exhibited in the Museum. It has to be said that only a part of it is exhibited.