Saturday, 25 April 2015

Respect and understanding.

   I was about to post an interview with Craig Bernard and my selection of images from his project Sweat and Hype, but because it is rather a bigger article it may take a little bit more time.

   I couldn't however stop myself from commenting on Craig's photography. Recently he picked up and shooting a lot of images for a project he started 5 years ago, called Recording in Progress. There is a pretty cool article about it on LBB so if you want to know what's the fuss about ---> read it.

   I always liked these pictures, I thought they are a very strong portraits, and I was always looking forward to see more. Then one day I walked home, and next street from my flat I saw the guy from the first picture I share here. I was surprised to see how young he is, I recognized him right away, but I never expected him to be the size he was, just a kid. Few days later, walking with Craig on Bute Street we met another guy I saw a picture off and I was blown away again, by this same observation.

  It is incredible how much respect and understanding Craig have for these kids. And more importantly, how he can express it visually. In my opinion this work is not only about the people on the pictures, it is a project about Craig himself.