Friday, 12 September 2014

No Show vs NATO.

In the next few days I will be uploading some more pictures from the events evoked by the NATO summit which took place in South Wales at the beginning of September.

One of the biggest disappointments of it all was the small crowd actively protesting against the summit... I thought people will be outraged, out on street, screaming their hearts out. Of course there were, but it seems to me, the majority of citizens here are rather comfortable with the way things are. Funny, at times it felt like there were more photographers then protesters themselves. Surrounded by lenses I thought, there was no point to shoot like everybody else. Classic Ducumentary(esque). I had nothing to loose, as I wasn't working for anyone or on a project. I decided to push my picture making. Do something I haven't done yet.

During the march in Newport, I have had some problems with one of the lady photographers. I have no clue who she was, but she looked like she was working for some agency or a newspaper. She was constantly trying to move me away from places I was photographing from. I guess, in her opinion, I was to close for her to not to include me in her pictures. I never knew there was some type of fucking etiquette when shooting events like this. What I know is - I don't really like it. If you are shooting an event, try to shoot it the way it really looked. There was a massive number of photographers. Plenty of Documentary Photography students from Caerleon must have had something to do with it... Just get them in. Don't alternate the news and convince people you were the only one witnessing what happened...  

Anyways. Next summit is in Warsaw, Poland. I might go, as it will be interesting for sure.

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